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CNC Turning

Unser hochmoderner Langdrehautomat zur Herstellung unserer chirurgischen Instrumente und Micro-Instrumente
Innenaufnahme unserers Langdrehautomaten zur Herstllung unserer chirurgischen Instrumente
Alles im Griff mit dem Bedienpannel unseres Langdrehautomaten
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Craftsmanship combined with high-tech CNC turning machines. This is how we manufacture surgical instruments of consistently high quality. Efficiency and precision go hand in hand to exceed your expectations for our surgical instruments.


This is our CNC turning machine

  • CNC turning machine WECO S206E-II


For example, the following curettes are produced on our CNC turning machine

Overview of our Curette Product Range

CNC Milling

Precision in every dimension: With our state-of-the-art CNC milling machines, we achieve exceptional accuracy in machining surgical instruments. This technology enables us to produce complex shapes and fine details with consistently high quality.

Our expertise in CNC milling ensures that we meet your specific requirements and exceed them with tailor-made solutions and outstanding manufacturing standards.


These are our CNC milling machines

  • HERMLE U 630 T 3-axis CNC machining center
  • HERMLE C 600 U 5-axis CNC machining center


For example, the following ear curettes are produced on our CNC milling center

Overview of our Ear Curette Product Range


To achieve the highest surface quality, we rely on precision grinding. Our expertise enables us to manufacture surgical instruments with precisely defined surfaces and exact contours. This high-quality processing guarantees the functionality and durability of each individual instrument.

With our grinding process, we ensure adherence to the highest quality standards to precisely meet and reliably exceed your requirements.


Quality down to the smallest detail: Our innovative welding techniques guarantee the sturdiest connections for permanently reliable instrument parts.

We pay special attention to clean and precise weld seams, ensuring both the stability and the flawless function of our surgical instruments.

With our welding expertise, we ensure the reliability and longevity of each individual product.


Our advanced polishing process guarantees excellent surface quality for our surgical instruments.

This fine processing is crucial for reducing bacterial deposits and facilitating subsequent cleaning and sterilization, significantly enhancing patient safety.

Furthermore, a high-quality polished surface improves resistance to corrosion and extends the service life of the surgical instrument.


Precision brought into shape: With state-of-the-art bending techniques and special tools, we shape surgical instruments to the highest standards.

Our processes guarantee precise angles and complex shapes that are crucial for efficiency and safety in surgical use.

We use only high-quality materials specifically selected for medical use to ensure durability, corrosion resistance, and hygienic standards. Our expertise in bending technology ensures the functionality and reliability of each instrument for optimal results in every application.