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Willy Storz GmbH - Production of surgical instruments

The Willy Storz History

2003 the company RepaMed Medizintechnik has been founded by Joachim Eisold. Years of experience in the medical technology and the master craftsman’s diploma in the handicraft of surgical device mechanics have been the professional requirement.
In the same year, the repair service Theise Medizintechnik has been taken over and it continued to support the existing customers.

In 2010 a quality management according to DIN EN ISO 13485 has been established and has been applied since that time.

In 2012 the company Willy Storz has been taken over which had been founded in 1931 by Mr. Willy Storz and continued by his son Mr. Helmut Storz in 1996 and transformed to a GmbH.

In 2012 the two companies have been merged under the name Willy Storz GmbH.

In 2013 after having passed his journeyman’s examinations, also his son Marcel Eisold joined the company.

In 2014 the company moved to a larger production site.

In 2014 it has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012.

In 2018 it has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2016.

In 2020 Nico Eisold took over the department ear forceps

In 2023 Purchase and commissioning of CNC automatic long turning machine

In 2024 Dennis Engelhardt assumes the division
CNC turning and CNC milling

2024 Plan for the purchase of a 5-axis milling center

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Ready for the future

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Family-driven Tradition

The future is a central theme for Willy Storz Medical, and we are proud that Marcel Eisold, the son of our Managing Director Joachim Eisold, and Nico Eisold, the talented nephew, have now been appointed to the management team. With their entry into the leadership level, we ensure that our long-standing company tradition is continued and the course is set for a successful future in medical technology.

New Generation, New Ideas

As part of the next generation, Marcel and Nico Eisold bring fresh ideas and new momentum to our company. They are carefully introduced to their future tasks and responsibilities to ensure the continuity and continued success of Willy Storz Medical in the medical technology industry. In doing so, they rely on a combination of traditional values and modern approaches to meet the challenges of the future.

Looking Towards the Future

With an eye on the future, we have a clear vision at Willy Storz Medical: We want to remain a reliable partner in medical technology and inspire our customers with innovative products and first-class service. Through the integration of Marcel and Nico Eisold into the management team, we are optimally positioned to achieve these goals and ensure the long-term viability of our company.

Our production includes the following areas:

Our corporate objective

Our constant effort is to offer tested, safe and high-quality products to our customers. Customer orientation and service is a major issue in our company.